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private fish hatchery montana

Established in 1952 by Dave and Peg Harriman, our hatchery is the oldest family-run facility in the state of Montana. Now run by Alan and Nick Harriman, we continue to try and offer the same honest advice and quality products that we began with over 60 years ago.

In years past, we raised everything from Brown Trout to Kokanee Salmon but we currently specialize in Rainbow Trout with a few Largemouth Bass when we can.

We sell fish as small as 1 inch up to 12 inches, depending on the time of year. We hatch eggs in the winter and grow fish for 1 season, with the average growth being about 1 inch per month.

Our bass system is currently hit or miss as we rely on natural spawning in our pond and then gather the fry with nets. This leads to small numbers of bass being available for sale; we encourage people to contact us and put their names on a list of buyers. When we harvest our bass, we call the names on the list until we are sold out. It is a first come, first serve system so it is a good idea to plan a year in advance.

Harriman Trout Co. The oldest privte fish hatchery in Montana. Specializing in Rainbow trout and largemouth Bass.


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