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Price List

Rainbow Trout


1”- 4.9”                                                     50 cents per inch


5”-12”                                                       70 cents per inch



Discounts are available for large orders.


Delivery is 2.00 per loaded mile (one way).


Picking up fish at the hatchery


Fish smaller than 4” can be purchased at the hatchery for transport to your pond. We will put the fish in plastic bags with 1 gallon of water and inflate the bag with oxygen. This bag will then be placed into a larger bag with ice. 


Depending on the size of the fish, we can get anywhere from 100 to 500 fish per bag. The larger the fish, the fewer placed in a bag. 


There is an additional $5.00 per bag fee to cover the cost of supplies.


Tank Rental


We will “rent” a haul tank to people who want to haul their own fish. Our tanks will fit any standard-size pickup truck and have the necessary equipment for delivery. 


Our small 40-gallon tank can haul 1-2 thousand 2-inch fish and 75-125 10-inch fish. Our 150-gallon tank can carry 4-5 thousand 2-inch fish and 200-500 10-inch fish.

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